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adiStar • Skor

(4 Produkter)

Black Friday
kr 1.700
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Black Friday
kr 1.700
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Black Friday
kr 1.700
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Black Friday
kr 1.700
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Recensioner av: adidas adiStar - Skor

69 reviews
adistar Boost ESM-skor This shoe rocks!
23 November 2015

Awesome shoe, have been wearing it for years! Great support for those with weak ankle or flexible forefoot. This time the 7.5 size was slightly too long, but overall this shoe rocks the runs every time! (10-21km runs) ... read more

Headdie go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Very comfortable
12 November 2015

I'm finding adidas shoes to be getting narrower the last few years, and the adistar glow is no exception, so recommend going half a size up to get the right width. Once I worked this out, they are very comfortable and fairly supportive shoes, preventing my feet from rolling in too much. The extra half size does make the ball of my foot bounce around a tad more though, and arch support is minimal unfortunately, an area I hope they address in the future. I'm about 200km of jogging into them (primarily on asphalt), and there is only slight wear on the soles so far, and the upper is still mint - great durability given I'm no lightweight. The grip of the Continental rubber is astounding also. I'm overall very happy, and will definitely go for the same again in the future. ... read more

biqua, Sydney, AU go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Returned as wrong size and colour.
05 November 2015

Returned as were 1/2 size too big. I purchased a size 10 as I have the energy boost in a 10 and they fit perfect. Also colour looked blue in pics but were more of a purple colour. Nice easy return process. ... read more

Jillz36 go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Amazing shoes!!
04 November 2015

First time I was on the trademill with this shoes, I could not believe how good it felt. I like shoes with lots of support and stability (I have flat feet) and this is it. I cannot believe how much this shoes made running more fun. Congratulation Adidas! You finally found material that is better than gel or air. ... read more

Dffhjd, Montreal go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor I love this shoe
02 November 2015

I love this shoe, just run my first half and got the shoes a day before the run,was alittle scare at first of the time i had with the shoe. I did not have a probles with the shoe...I will recomend this shoe 100% tney are worth the money.. ... read more

Mireya go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Once you wear boost you'll never look back!
01 November 2015

First of all, I'm an overpronator with wide (2E) feet; I have generally found that most Adidas shoes fit me well and have therefore been a return customer. A friend of mine who worked at The Athlete's Foot recommended the Adistar SS13 energy boost when they first launched back in 2012 (?), since then I have continued to wear Adistar boost shoes to train, gym and run in. I found that on of the previous models (FW13) my foot was to wide across the forefoot and the seamless join blew out in two pairs (in the same spots); the boost glow's have remedied this with superior seam welding and less flexible but more durable material. Whilst initially this stiffer material made 'wearing-in' these shoes a little bit more of an uncomfortable process, I can safely say that they eventually stretched and shaped to my feet. Playing Australian Rules Football where there is a lot of lateral explosive movements, I have found these shows to be incredibly durable and ridiculously comfortable - day after day! It never ceases to surprise me just how comfortable they are each time I put them on! The Continental rubber soles wear like previous models - reasonably quickly - which is the only negative comment I can make. I'm generally a US10.5 in all Adidas shoes but had to go up half a size to a US11 as the guy was a bit too snug with the denser materials. I'm not a 'runner' as such but do manage to clock up a few km's between football training and the gym/treadmill; these shoes have been incredibly reliable and I feel quite safe and locked-in around the ankle. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough, in-fact, I swear by them so much that I've ordered another two pairs. I never feel at risk of rolling my ankles or the shoes failing me as they are so sturdy and supportive. Do yourself a favour and run in boost - no other cushioning system comes close to matching their superior technology. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ... read more

Seancie, Tasmania, Australia go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Great shoe
28 September 2015

I have been an Adidas product user for over 40 years. Over the last 10 years, I have been a middle distance runner - 10K and 1/2 marathons - and have worn Adidas running shoes. Up to now, I've worn the Supernova Sequence series through up to the 6th generation. They were great for over-pronators like me. However, with the recent addition of the boost materials in the Sequence series, the "configuration" of the shoes changed. Gone, for example, were the reinforced heels, etc. But, when the 7th generation was released, I decided to buy a pair anyway ... name recognition, etc. Although well built and comfortable, they were not the shoes that best suited me; they were not like the previous generations. I continue to wear the 7s for gym work ,cycling and walking - they are excellent and very comfortable but not for running! In an effort to find a pair of shoes like the the Supernovas up to generation 6, I saw and test-fitted a pair of Adistar Boosts. They have the heel support I was used to in the earlier configurations of the Supernovas and were the right shoe for me. Although I have only run in them a few times, they have the support of the earlier Sequence series. The style and design our outstanding. I am looking forward to wearing the Adidstars for the many runs I have in the future. Thanks, Adidas! ... read more

Tedski, Calgary go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Value?
19 September 2015

I need a good support sneaker due to a knee injury. This was recommended by a running store but I'm now not sure that I got the right sneaker! I remember trying on one style and the heel was too loose. The other was just right. Well, guess what! I think I got the wrong shoe because my sock slipped down and my heel slipped up. The next time I wore a different, thicker, pair of socks and it was OK. However, the rest of the sneaker was comfortably snug. I did not purchase the in-store sneaker because I need neutral colors. They said to order direct because they could not get the color I wanted.(PLEASE make good sneakers in colors that can be used as a dress shoe!) For the cost, I'm rating this an average sneaker. ... read more

Knee-Protector, Maine go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Great road shoe for big mileage
29 Augusti 2015

I love these trainers and I am now on my 5 pair of Adistars. The fit is perfect and makes your foot feel secure. The low heel profile reduces impact and injury and makes for a smooth run. I dont plan to ever change so dont tinker too much on this shoe, Adidas!! ... read more

ScottDog, Newark, UK go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Great shoes! Slow updates!
18 Augusti 2015

The shoes are to spec... are comfortable, fit well, and got what I ordered. Admittedly I went to a store first, figured out the size I needed (8.5 too small, 9.5 too large - lucky guess at size 9 fits) and waited for a sale online. Once ordered, it took over a week to update and say it was being shipped... and I received it the same day. They could do a bit better with the lack of communication between order and shipping - be more accurate where it is in the process, update their site more regularly, and list a reason why it was just sitting their "processing" for 5 days. Otherwise, great experience and I would order online again. ... read more

CplR, Ottawa go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Great shoe for churning out the miles
12 Augusti 2015

By far the most comfortable shoe I tried in the store. Heavier than some of the other adidas shoes I tried due to the deeper cushioning but these seemed like the best shoe for my training, trashing out the miles and not destroying my joints. Comfortable from day 1 with no rubbing or blisters. I tend to wear shoes out quicker than most. My last set of shoes were mizuno and I got 290 miles out of them by which time they were destroyed. These adistar boosts have managed 350 so the durability is pretty good. Most people should get more than that though. The glow element I didn't realise when I bought them but what a great feature particularly if you run at night a lot. Paid £130 from sweat shop first time round which I thought was too expensive. However I've just ordered another pair got for £70 from start fitness online which seems much more reasonable. Overall - great shoe for training that's kept me injury free and comfortable. Did my half marathon PB in these but would recommend a having a lighter variant of this shoe specifically for races if your serious about trying to shed seconds off your times. ... read more

JFrancais, Northants go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko comfort, comfort, comfort
29 Juli 2015

not the best looking shoes to be honest but the comfort and support that the boost glows provide are out of this world. running with a plush pillow on the soles of your feet. would highly recommend, especially with the discounted price that i manage to oick them up for. ... read more

ryno1523, hastings, victoria, australia go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Comfy shoe
28 Juli 2015

A little heavier than what I'm used to, but it is very comfortable. I had the boston 4 shoes before this pair. As I saw on a message board somewhere else, yes the shoes are heavier than usual for a premium shoe so this may make you slower. But it's probably only a few seconds/km, which isn't very much! ... read more

Juanvaldez go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Only shoes I wear
25 Juli 2015

I've had a few pairs of these shoes and they are the only running shoe I can wear. I have bad knees and very little natural cushioning on the balls of my feet. These shoes have great support and the most cushioning of any other shoe I've tried--and I've tried several. I thought I was going to need to give up running before I found these. My only complaint--the colors aren't the greatest. My current ones are an ugly khaki color and aqua. Grey and aqua would have been so much better! I'm usually not thrilled with the color selection, but I wear them anyway because they feel so good. ... read more

JenA21 go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor The best shoes around if you need stability
11 Juli 2015

These are the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned for 5-10 miles runs, Have not run longer than that yet. I love this shoe. I have two pair right now and will buy two more soon in case they get discontinued I know I will be good for awhile. I love them. Better that any of the competitions shoes I have ran in. ... read more

In shape elder, San Francisco, US go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Red definitely goes faster!
05 Juli 2015

Being my first time shopping online through the Adidas store I was unsure whether my sizing would be accurate (I simply went with the size of my 3 year old pair). To my delight the shoes fit like a glove! I ordered the shoes Thursday evening and had them in my hot little hands by Monday morning - ready to hit the gym that afternoon! Very happy with the whole experience! ... read more

jrboundy, St Kilda, Australia go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor
16 Maj 2015

This is my second pair of Boost shoes and I will never stray! Less hamstring pain and great for road running. The toe box is a bit wide for my narrow feet, but I get less toe issues, so that must be good. I have some foot issues with pinched nerves and the extra cushioning helps with that. Agree with others that this is a running shoe, not designed for a P90X plyo workout, does not handle side to side movement well. ... read more

MN Runner, Minneapolis, MN go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Very please with my boost
03 Maj 2015

Excellent running shoe fits great and makes you feel like you're running on a pocket of air. Does give you a boost from the cushioned sole making you feel like you can run harder and faster. I would rate these as the best running shoes I have owned for road running. ... read more

Jesusonline go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Amazing shoe
02 April 2015

These are running shoes, but I use them every day as my goto shoe out of the office. I actually have two pairs, why not? The fit is perfect, I appreciate the ventilation in the toecap, and on colder days I just wear thicker socks. These shoes are simply amazing, they look great, they feel even better. ... read more

Mattwilko, London, UK go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor A bit small but it works great
18 Mars 2015

Overall 4/5 Stars. I know a lot of shoe manufacturer's don't usually cater to people with larger feet (Me being a 13.5-14) even though they sell out of the 11-13s super quickly and are always left with the smallest sizes on Clearance. I got the 13s since they were the largest size. My feet feel a bit cramped and I have to constantly pull up my socks in order to get my shoes on so my feel aren't cramped. Enough about my personal issues, these shoes are great for the most part, I do feel the extra bounce to my step and they are very good running shoes. Used for about a month now and I love them. I'll be looking for some thinner socks to hopefully make up for the crampyness. ... read more

IanK, Toronto go to product
adistar Boost Glow löparsko Good pair
18 Mars 2015

This is my third pair of Adidas Boost, and the fit of the previous two was great, however with this new pair I feel they are slightly wider, however this hasn't been a reason to get blisters and they are very comfortable, I am planning to wear them in my third Marathon and I have been wearing them for the long runs and they have been great! I love the color! Very purple! :) ... read more

Nidiars, Stirling, UK go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor My best pair of running shoes ever!
05 Mars 2015

This is my first pair of Adidas running shoes, and I really love it. To be honest, I had my doubts at first as I have always bought running shoes from their biggest competitor. When the Adidas pure boost 1 was launched, I bought it and love the comfortable "pillow-like" feeling of the sole. But I reckon it is more of a fashion sneaker than a running shoe and I could not compare it with my previous pair of running shoes. So based on my initial impression on the pure boost technology, I decided to go ahead and purchase the adistar boost esm. It became clear that I have made the right choice after my first 5km run with the adistar boost esm. But what is surprising is how I felt after my 2nd run the very next day. Usually, with my previous pair, I will be feeling the aches in my feet and ankles. With this Adistar, the soreness did not happen. Leaving everything constant (I run on treadmills only, distance, warm-ups and cool-downs, etc), I feel that this must be attributed to the pure boost technology. To date, I have ran 25kms in this AdistarBoostESM, and I have never felt better running. In fact, I dont recall this same feeling when I first bought my last pair of lunarglides. And because I can now run consecutively without feeling the sore and aches, I have even ramped up my training plans. Apart from the Pure Boost technology, I love how the shoe fit my foot with the techfit upper. It fits like a glove, but yet not constricting when you run. The shoe tongue is plushy, so you will not feel the laces. Some reviewers have complained about the blister forming at the toe area, but I do not have that blister problem. In fact, I find that the rubber piece at the tip of the shoe that caused them blisters helps your feet to stay in place when you run so that you will not "slip" due to the sock-like upper. It might be because they do not have a good fit (ie. they bought a size too small or big), or that they have a badly designed socks with the seams sewn at the toe area. On a side note, I strongly suggest you to invest in a pair of running socks as it does make a difference. Running socks are sewn differently, and the seams are actually further back before the nail-bed. They actually do help to prevent blisters and provide comfort when running. In conclusion, I really love the Adistar Boost ESM, and I will definitely recommend it if you are looking at a pair of Stability running shoes. ... read more

stqy, Nottingham, UK go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Comfy
21 Februari 2015

Really comfortable and attractive shoe. It was too tight on the top of my foot (and you can't adjust because it's all one piece). Otherwise they felt great. If that wasn't an issue I would give it a five star and order other colors. I haven't bern able to find a different brand that was as comfortable. ... read more

Shoesreview, Minnesota go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Love These Shoes!
12 Februari 2015

These are seriously the most AMAZING shoes to ever grace my feet. I was having some pretty bad knee pain when I was running, so I went to a specialty running store and got a gait analysis done (which I highly recommend and is usually free), and after trying on many other shoes, I was amazed when I put these on. They are light, breathe extremely well, provide awesome support while maintaining good flexibility, and they come in more neutral colors than some of the more ostentatious colors by other brands. I can't say enough about them! The price can be a little shocking, but the guy at the running store told me that because of their high quality build, they last for 500-600 miles per pair, instead of the usual 300-400 in other shoes. They are worth every penny. My husband and I now both own a pair, and they have been great to us for over 6 months now. ... read more

aaconlon1, Idaho Falls, ID go to product
adistar Boost ESM-skor Excellent serious runners shoe
31 Januari 2015

I am a retired semi elite 10km runner (but I still run seriously without racing). I've been running in saucony guide and their predecessors for twenty years. They recently changed it so majorly I can't wear them anymore. I've been struggling ever since to find "my" shoe. I've tried all sorts of models of asics, saucony, Nike, brooks, etc., and none of them were right. I finally tried Adidas boost and was pleasantly surprised at the cushioning and especially their durability. I later bought a pair of Adistar boost and their superiority was apparent immediately. They offer far more cushioning, especially in the heel, than almost all the other brands I've tried (and more than the regular boost), a necessity for the mountainous terrain I run on. Yet the Adistar achieves this without adding weight or compromising durability, the two problems often associated with extra heel cushioning. The divided heel section is brilliant, offering superior cushioning during the initial heel strike. It also provides the smoothest heel to forefoot transition of any shoe I've run in for the last twenty years. This makes it a quick shoe. The easy transition also means it limits runners fatigue, as you're not labouring through each stride but transitioning quickly. You can run a lot further in them for the same amount of every expenditure. Another awesome feature is the continental rubber on the outsole. These shoes last a long time in both the outer and midsole. They outlast other running shoes by an extra 25-50% distance. This makes them well worth the price. The only thing I wish was different was more traction. Half of what I run are mountain trails, and these are really designed for road use only. ... read more

Seriousrunner, USA ans australia go to product
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