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    Samba skor

    adidas Samba skor verkar ha fötts på gatan, men denna favorit-adidassko debuterade första gången som en fotbollsträningssko designad för att klara frusna planer. Den senaste adidas Samban har ekovänligt material inifrån och ut och har fräscha färger på de 3 ränderna och hälen.
    • Ovandel i fullnarvskinn för komfort och en mjuk känsla
    • Överdrag på framfoten i mocka för extra skydd
    • Kontrastfärg på  de 3 ränderna, hälen och plösmärket
    • Eco-vänliga material inifrån och ut för hållbarhet
    • Dubbinspirerad yttersula för maximal dragkraft
    Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 262 reviewers.
    Rated 1 out of 5 by Not as good as other Sambas Not sure why you can not get the ones you sell in Europe, with the white around the front, I have to buy them from sellers in the UK and I am often asked in the US where I get them. Come on Adidas, make the same ones available over here, you will get more sales for sure. October 12, 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome shoes Coolest color, great fit! Since you don't commonly see this color in the stores, you'll be the envy of all your friends. September 12, 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Super Sambas Hey Guyz (and Gals of course) I have always been an adidas fan (for many things but mostly quality and price), but only started wearing sambas like 2 years ago after a recommendation from a friend. The shoe is sooooo awesome. Handles quite well, gives an excellent touch for ball handling, and still offers great protection (not from cleats, but from those players who like to stomp you with their heels...accidentally of course!). Anyhow, back to the shoe...I love them so much, that I already have 2 pairs and buying the third. This time I am going for the white with red adidas stripes (always been a white shoe fan). oh...and they live for ever. June 11, 2012
    Rated 2 out of 5 by Adidas, you just lost a long time loyal customer No comparison with my old Sambas. I have been playing indoor soccer for the last 30 years, always wore Adidas shoes .. my previous two pairs were Sambas .. my new Sambas feel and look like their are made with cheap materials, the tongue makes a noise .. also, it no longer has a loop for the laces. This cost cutting will sink the company eventually. This will be my last pair of Adidas. November 17, 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Retro Great retro shoe. Lovely soft leather. Looks great with jeans. October 28, 2011
    Rated 3 out of 5 by Cost cutting to it's finest. I recently just purchase a new pair of Sambas after my first pair finally fell apart after 16 years. Granted, I didn't wear them everyday for years now, but I still couldn't bring myself to throw them away. These new ones have gone through the bean counters. Painted on blue tag, no shoelace loop on tongue. The most noticeable aspect is that the shoe is now fake leather. This wouldn't be such a problem accept for the fact that everytime I walk into the air conditioned building at my work, the temperature change makes them squeak uncontrollably! I've only had them a week, so I hope they stop soon. Other than that, the shoe feels like home. June 24, 2013
    Rated 2 out of 5 by Very squeeky leather I've worn these shoes daily for 2 weeks and the leather tongue is unbelievably squeeky when I walk. Not just a little bit, but really loud. I even used leather conditioner on the tongue and that only helped a little bit. I've never had shoes before that were so incredibly noisy. In terms of comfort, they are good but not great due to minimal arch support. Sole grip is superb. They are also very stylish. I love the low profile. I would have given the shoe a higher rating if the leather wasn't so annoyingly squeeky. After 2 weeks of daily use (all day long, including gym time) they should be broken in, but I'll give it more time to see if they improve. July 22, 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Great design and quality As soon as I open the box I fell in love with these Samba's. The white design was a great choice. I love the low level design as well as the leather feel. It definitely gives you that old-school feel along with some new designs :) December 23, 2011
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Futbol Comfortable! Toe area is not too narrow! March 28, 2014
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Squeaky Sambas They will fit great, last forever, and look phenomenal, but the will NEVER stop squeaking! I bought these shoes two years ago and found that the friction where the tongue and shoe meet causes a loud plastic squeak every time you walk, move, or breathe. Wearing them in with use, and even scuffing the tongue to remove the finish does NOT work. My fix: a couple drops of lotion once every few months to the tongue. On a side note, the tongue will not sit dead center, but instead move to the left and stay there forever. Still a great, comfortable, reliable shoe, but it seems that everyone has this problem and it REALLY REALLY needs to get fixed before I buy another pair September 24, 2013
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    Shoe size chart

    36 22.1 cm 3.5 4 5
    36 2/3 22.5 cm 4 4.5 5.5
    37 1/3 22.9 cm 4.5 5 6
    38 23.3 cm 5 5.5 6.5
    38 2/3 23.8 cm 5.5 6 7
    39 1/3 24.2 cm 6 6.5 7.5
    40 24.6 cm 6.5 7 8
    40 2/3 25 cm 7 7.5 8.5
    41 1/3 25.5 cm 7.5 8 9
    42 25.9.5 cm 8 8.5 9.5
    42 2/3 26.3 cm 8.5 9 10
    43 1/3 26.7 cm 9 9.5 10.5
    44 27.1 cm 9.5 10 11
    44 2/3 27.6 cm 10 10.5 11.5
    45 1/3 28 cm 10.5 11 12
    46 28.4 cm 11 11.5 12.5
    46 2/3 28.8 cm 11.5 12 13
    47 1/3 29.3 cm 12 12.5 13.5
    48 29.7 cm 12.5 13 14
    48 2/3 30.1 cm 13 13.5 14.5
    49 1/3 30.5 cm 13.5 14 15
    50 31 cm 14 14.5 15.5
    50 2/3 31.4 cm 14- 15  
    51 1/3 32.2 cm 15 16  
    52 33.1 cm 15-    
    52 2/3 33.9 cm 16 17  
    53 1/3 34.8 cm 17 18  
    54 2/3 35.6 cm 18 19  

    How to get the right fit

    First, don't measure your feet in the morning; feet often swell during the day due to heat and activity. For the best fit, measure your feet at the end of the day.

    To measure your shoe size follow these instructions:


      Place a piece of paper on the floor with one end against a wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall. Mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pencil.

      Measure from the end of the piece of paper to the mark you created with your pencil and compare the measurement to our sizing chart.

    Choose the right size

    That's easier said then done. Because, what do you do if you are in between two sizes?

    In this case it might be safest to go for the size up, rather than the size down. And you know what? You can just try them on at home.

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